..A Magazine for all Christians · Nº 17 · September - October 2002

May the Trumpet Sound

The sound of the trumpet had many uses in Biblical times. It summoned for war, announced royal decrees, it called the people to the holy festivals, and it was used to praise the Lord. However, one of the most significant uses, for its allegoric value, was for the watchman.

The watchman's trumpet sounded to warn the danger that was threatening the city. Its sound had to be clear and powerful. The loss would be too great if it were not used properly. The watchman, for his part, had to be an attentive, diligent man whose sight was penetrating even up to the horizon. The entire city entrusted their fate in the responsible duty that this man was performing.

Thus, in spiritual terms, the watchman and the opportune sounding of their trumpet are representative of the prophet and of the prophetic word, respectively. God's word, placed in the prophet's mouth alerts God's people. His call, therefore, is high; his responsibility, great.

In this issue we wanted to approach this important matter. We pray to the Lord that these messages will help to wake the drowsy watchmen, to encourage those who, being misunderstood and rejected, have been making their voice heard; and that, finally, all the children of God would be convinced of their personal responsibility as God's prophets.

We are also delighted to present, from this issue onwards, the concretion of a dream: the translation of the central articles of "Aguas Vivas" into English, which from this date will start being available on our webpage. This work is being achieved through Andrew Webb and with the help of James and Robert Huskey. Thanks be to God for his gifts of love!



The difficult but important ministry of the prophets. Their call and commission. The dangers that they watch. Their message and the recipients of that message. A challenge for all Christians, without distinction, because they are the watchmen that God has today.

Leave my Beloved Alone!
There is a cry from the Lord for his enslaved Beloved that the prophets of God must know about, and there is a work of liberation that they must complete.

The Prophetic Ministry Today
The message of today's prophets has to denounce the evil of the world. However it must principally be a positive message, of faith and hope, because it has the power to integrally save fallen mankind. The prophet's message of today consists of preaching Christ.

Christ, the Stumbling Stone
Today, like yesterday, the Lord Jesus Christ is a stumbling block for "builders," but for those who believe, he is beautiful. To which of the two groups do you belong?

Escaping from Babylon
What is Babylon, and what does it represent? What are its origins, its purpose and its end? What relation has Babylon with Jerusalem? What must the attitude of Christians be towards it? These are some of the questions regarding Babylon which demand a diligent explanation, in the days in which we live.

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