Nº 29 · September - October 2004

A multiple vision of Christ

The fundamental content of this magazine is the vision of our Lord Jesus Christ as shown in the Gospels.

How is He shown there? We can see him there in a wonderful multiple vision, in a glimpse of heavenly harmony that goes far beyond the mere apparent reiteration of episodes in each gospel. This vision was already foreshadowed from the beginning, in the first chapters of Genesis, and continues on into our days, by means of the church.

The church today needs to renovate the vision of Christ. It isn't for the presumptuous boasting of having more knowledge, nor to look for arguments that back up a fashionable ideology according to our interests. The Church needs to know Christ, in order to be able to express him, and so that the world may see Christ as the Father wants to reveal him

We ask the Father that by means of these messages our spiritual knowledge of Christ be enriched, for the glory of his name, for the edification of his Church and for the benefit of the world.


Christ in Genesis and the gospels
The man in the first chapters of Genesis has the same four aspects as Christ shown in the gospels. Roberto Sáez.
Christ in the synoptic gospels and in John's gospel
The wonderful exterior of Jesus' life was nothing other than the result of something interior. Rubén Chacón.
Two paradoxes
The quadruple vision of Christ in the gospels meets with two paradoxes. Eliseo Apablaza.
The gospels and the church
Today the Church is called to embody the characteristics of Christ which are shown in the gospels. Rodrigo Abarca.

Complete in Christ
Charles H. Spurgeon.

The order of God for marriage
An obstacle or a helper?
A question that he/she helps to define the woman's list in the family context. Miriam Ferrando.

Tasters from the King's table

Our reader's letters

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