Nº 38 · March - April 2006

More about the soul and the spirit

---We thank the Lord, just as we had announced, we have in our hands a new edition of Living Waters about the important topic of the Spirit, Soul and Body.
---The material included in the previous edition is continued here, among other articles of the usual collaborators, with the addition of chapter 2 of the valuable work "What is Man?" by T. Austin-Sparks. And we even have the hope of continuing with this matter in the next edition, because there is much material yet to be used, especially on some of the dangers of the uncontrolled soul in spiritual service.
---We cannot but mention, with a deep gratitude to the Lord, the wider distribution and pleasing reception that the magazine is having amongst many brothers and sisters in diverse countries. Not only in countries where Spanish is spoken, but also in our neighbouring country of Brazil, where Spanish is not an obstacle for our readers there. Thanks to this version in English in its new address www.livingwaters.cl, the magazine has gone beyond where we ever dreamt.
---For all this we are grateful to the Lord who is always glorified using vessels of clay to contain the greatest Treasure.
---We ask that the Lord may enable us to continue carrying out this work, which for us is a great honour, and to continue joining hands with so many brothers and sisters throughout the world as we gather around Christ. May it be so.



Man according to God
Three aspects of man's restoration in Christ. Rodrigo Abarca.
The importance of man's spirit
The human spirit was designed as an appropriate organ for entering into contact with the divine Spirit. Gino Iafrancesco.
Spiritual Soul?
Some of the dangers of the soul supplanting the spirit. Marcelo Díaz.
Jesus' soul
A glimpse of our Lord Jesus Christ's holy soul. Roberto Sáez
The soul
Why is it so difficult for men and women to be spiritual? Why is the contrary experience so common?. Rubén Chacón

Man Now Another Species than God Created
T. Austin-Sparks.

What is His name?
The Shepherd. Harry Foster.

From the Desert to the Living Water
The Odyssey of a Tunisian Jew. William Raccah.

Tasters from the King's table

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