Nº 39 · May - June 2006

Closing a cycle

---With this edition we are closing the cycle that we began in the January-February edition on the topic of "Spirit, soul and body". In the development of this cycle we have addressed the indispensable aspects of man's tripartite nature, each one of its parts, and the place of each of them in the purpose of God for man.
---On this occasion we emphasize the aspect of the soul; especially, the dangers of an insubordinate and rebellious soul in the service of the Christian. A great proportion of the havoc caused in the church throughout history is due to this cause. Be they old or new problems, from here or there, if we seek to investigate the principal causes, the soul is involved, with its thousand chicaneries and its diverse egocentrism.
---In this edition, we present the article, "Earthly, animal, diabolical", by Derek Prince. This English author, who went to be with the Lord a short time ago, gives us a mature and assured vision of the charismatic movement of the last decades, and of its virtues and excesses.
---As always, we give this work into the hands of the Lord and of his people, so that he may anoint it and guide it toward the hearts of his beloved.
---May it be so.


Strengthening the inner man
The edification of the house of God has stages that are like the steps of a staircase. Gino Iafrancesco.
It is necessary to surrender the soul
The soul is the place of residence of the self, that old man who is corrupted, and who must be displaced. Eliseo Apablaza.

Where Psychology Fails
Although Psychology postulates man's dual nature, it has to admit the existence of a third element. T. Austin-Sparks.
Earthly, Soulish, Demonic
What is the cause of so much confusion and division when we talk of supernatural manifestations?. Derek Prince.

What is His name?
The Lamb. Harry Foster.

Death of a Guru
The Story of Rabi Maharaj.

Tasters from the King's table

Our reader's letters

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