I recently found your page web and have read several messages, especially the 'Christ all in all’  series. Each message made my heart burn with a clear and balanced teaching on individual and corporate Christian practice.

Hugo Jimenez, Cuba.

Solid food

I am a frequent reader of your website, which has been a blessing to my life. Here I find solid food, the word of God, not human wisdom, without any mixing of reasoning and positive thoughts to motivate people.

Analuisa Lacouture , Colombia.

The Power of God

You are certainly setting an example to the Church of the Lord with your message of salvation and edification, exhortation and comfort to the brothers worldwide. The gospel (Christ) is the power of God and so it has proved in our experience because the work that you are doing is manifesting that power and our lives have been impacted by it at this time.

Cecilia and Maria Cecilia Dominguez, Spain.

A Fresh word

The Lord is definitely speaking through you in a tremendous way. I've shared some of the messages with my pastor and the brothers from my church; everyone is excited about the fresh word flowing through you.

Raymundo Zavala Gómez , Mexico .


I want to congratulate the Aguas Vivas team for such a valuable work they are doing. Since I found this page I have been blessed because I can apply the messages in my daily life. Your books have also helped me a lot.
Jenniffer Florimón Carrasco, Rep. Dominicana.

All blessings come from God; therefore, all the glory is for God.

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