Living Waters Magazine Nr. 15
May - June 2002

Towards the Fullness of God

In this edition, we have the pleasure of presenting the second series of the sermons and teachings given last January in the Rucacura Camp (Chile). Their message is the same as their purpose and their center: "Christ is all and is in all" (Col. 3:11).

This time, however, the emphasis is placed on love, the ingredient and foundation of the life of a believer and in the life of the Church. Love is the concrete that unites living stones within the temple; it is the complete expression of the Character of God. Love is what will allow us to be "filled with the fullness of God." The supremacy and preeminence of Christ will only be possible in a church filled with the love of Christ.

We hope that these messages help us all to take steps towards the love of Christ in the heart of the church and to demolish all that impedes its full expression.



First Love: The Beginning
The first principles of a "Manual of Love" for the believer who wants to advance in their devotion of Christ.
Rubén Chacón

The Image of God (Part 2)
Amongst the different characteristics of the image of God are love, the cross and the grace to give.
Roberto Sáez

An Approved Service
Not all service offered is a service to the Lord.
What are the characteristics of a spiritual act of service, a normal service?
Gonzalo Sepúlveda

The Articulation of the Church as a Body
What is the natural state of the local church?
How is it joined together (articulated) and how does it function so that Christ will have the preeminence in it?
Eliseo Apablaza

The Place of Love
Greater than individual ministries and gifts, it is through love that the church is edified as a body.
Rodrigo Abarca

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