Living Waters Magazine Nr. 16
July - August 2002

The Second Face

The Christian life has two faces: the subjective and the objective. One is invisible; the other visible. The first one - faith - is like a deep river that flows through the most secret plaits of man's heart. From the day that it comes into place, it begins a healing, transforming and consoling work. From these secret depths, it offers Christians the resources needed to transform everything that they touch. It is God's own life that has established itself there, and thanks to faith will never again to be removed. Everything that will later be real and visible - on the glorious day when the Lord Jesus Christ is manifested - begins in the corner where the blessed faith of the Son of God has been sheltered.

The second face - works - are a concrete and palpable expression of this subjective faith. There is no possibility of expressing our precious faith externally, but rather through the good works of righteousness. True faith claims the presence of works as a delicate adornment for all to see.

In this issue we wanted to approach this second face of the Christian life. The apostasy that we can begin to see in these times in which we live makes an urgent call to silence deceitful and incredulous mouths, by means of the works of faith, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. A faith as precious as ours demands such a complement. Will we refuse to do it? We ask the Lord that these messages would supply the present need of our dear readers. May the Lord Jesus Christ be praised now and always!



Bringing Our Faith Down to Earth
A call to true godliness, and a prophetic word of warning because of lurking danger.
Eliseo Apablaza

A Kingdom of Grace
The Sermon on the Mount is a message that seeks a place in the human heart, so that the character of Christ may be expressed in the earth.
Claudio Ramírez

A Superior Righteousness
The Lord Jesus Christ demands a righteousness from his subjects that is much greater than that of the law.
Rubén Chacón

Hear, Do and Teach
In these three words one finds the order in which the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ must be lived.
Roberto Sáez

Knowledge That Produces Life
During and after the apostolic era, Gnosticism and its followers caused a great deal of damage in the Church. Given such a situation, the apostle John wrote his letters that have a special validity today.
Rodrigo Abarca

The Vision of God's Throne
There is an unmovable throne established in heaven, from which our walk and service is continually evaluated.
Gonzalo Sepúlveda

Drunk With His Spirit
Being full of the Holy Spirit is not only a charismatic reality, but is also -and especially- living Christ's life in daily chores.
Marcelo Díaz

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