Letters from our Readers

From Sweden

While looking for information on the Internet, I found your webpage, and since then I have frequently visited it. I rejoice when seeing the fruit that the Lord is bearing in you. Born in Colombia, I have lived in Sweden for 17 years. I wanted to share with you, for the glory of the Father and of His Son Jesus Christ, the blessings that your material has brought to my life, and to my close brothers. It is like an oasis to my spirit. I feel great happiness when seeing that the Spirit of the Lord is operating in all of us in the same way, taking us to the complete man in Christ. I know that there is an entire group of brothers behind these messages. I want to encourage them, and to let them know that their work has already produced thankfulness in me and in others, to the Father on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us continue onward then, without losing heart.

Henry Padilla (Sweden).


Congratulations on the magnificent webpage "Living Waters", with which I have spent many good times, meditating in the Word, learning and drawing closer to our only Lord and Savior. The profound topics, full of Christian truth have captured my attention as being intelligent and clearly presented, to such an extent that an evangelical Christian like me, accustomed to the preaching of the Word, has been captivated by its content. May God greatly bless all those that work on the magazine! It seems to me to be a work which is dedicated to Jesus and which I must keep in my prayers, requesting that your path remain straight in the truth and the life of Christ.

Antonio Barceló (Spain).

Like a river

You have truly been a blessing for my life, fulfilling the objective of your name, Living Waters, in a Christian world that runs after the impressive things, the miracles, the numbers, and which has forgotten who their King is. You have been like a river of living water for my life. Eternally, Thank you.

Jorge Ramírez (Guatemala).

Seeking articles

I am acquainted the magazine Living Waters, I have shared it with some brothers in the church and they are very interested in it. We often look for articles that we can print out. Many of the articles are used in the Sunday school with the purpose of growing in the understanding of the Kingdom of God. May God bless all the collaborators of the Magazine.

Francisco Javier Sagrero (Mexico).

Not only in Mexico

I just want to say with all my heart that may God bless you and continue blessing this ministry. It has been of great use to me, and has given new strength to my faith, the knowledge that we are not only Christians from Mexico, but in all America; those who proclaim the truth. Glory, glory, glory to God for your lives.

José Luis Carmona (Mexico).

In the same Spirit

I got to know your magazines through a brother from the US, and we are in the same spirit, because God has been pleased to reveal Christ's body to us. That itself has made us aware of the necessity for friends, advice, prayer, and fellowship with brothers who have the same convictions as us. Some months ago God impacted my life deeply with your teachings.

Angel Armas (Mexico).

From the land of coffee

I send you a Holy kiss from the land of coffee. I congratulate the workers of the magazine for such an excellent work, because you are collaborating with the commission that our Lord Jesus Christ gave to the church. Brothers, from here we pray for you and for your ministry. May the Spirit of the Lord continue living in you, so that you may continue with His work.

Néstor Picie López (Mexico).

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