Living Waters Magazine Nr. 24
November - December 2003

Toward the perfect man

There are two levels of fullness or perfection that God wants us to reach: perfection as believers, and perfection as the Church. For this reason, on the first level, Paul fought: "to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus." (Col.1:28), and to the Galatians it was, "until Christ be formed in you" (Gál.4:19). This points to a personal perspective.

Then there is a second perspective of perfection or maturity: that of the Church. The mystics - and, in general, the great men of God of the past- only saw the individual believer's maturity. But this perfection doesn't have the same glory as the perfection of the Church, just as the beauty of the stone is not that of the building, nor the member that of the complete body. Ephesians calls us to be "a perfect man", and this man is Christ (the Head) and the Church (His body).

The individual believer's perfection is necessary and to be desired, but the perfection of the complete body is more desirable. Without a doubt, the latter is more difficult, because it requires the believers to leave aside their individuality and accept interdependence and mutuality; it requires them to be equally conscious of their value in the body as well as their faults. In short, it demands that they accept following the way of the cross.

Let us not forget that it is the beauty of the Church which satisfies the Lover's heart. It is the lover who occupies the central place in the last chapters of Revelation, and whose glory is described with such exceptional characteristics.



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