Letters from our Readers

First time

I am very happy because I received the magazine for the first time and want to express my gratitude. It was a real blessing. God spoke to my heart of things that there were not so clear, for that reason I pray that the Lord would bless you with wisdom. I would appreciate it if you can give me the corresponding instructions to receive my second magazine.

Sara Egúsquiza Montalvo (Peru).

Out to Sea

I am a Venezuelan priest who works with fishermen in Cumaná, in the state of Sucre, and to make the evangelization more effective I have a radio program for the dawn; and your excellent music has been useful to intensify the messages. I would be grateful if you could send me other addresses of religious music on MP3 and reflections that might help fishermen who leave at dawn in search of flavorsome food. Continue onward, rowing out to sea.

Marcelo Rivas Sánchez (Bolivia).

Edified by the Word

Peace and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ for all those that work in this wonderful ministry. I believe that of all the Christian pages, this is the best, for the glory of the Lord. A Chilean relative spoke to me of your magazine and she gave me some by which I was greatly edified by the Word which has awoken something in me. I need Christ's life in me and in our congregation. I believe that we have to return to the eternal purpose of God and to do that we need you. We are beginning a work here. I want to grow in knowledge of Him, to be transformed to His likeness; to have an encounter with the hidden treasure: Christ the Lord.

Aldo Ruiz (Argentina).

Christian radio station

I have a Christian radio station in the northern city of Antofagasta. My intention is to give over Christian music that honors and gives glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and to preach the Gospel to all creation. Therefore, as there is so little Christian music in Spanish that is not worldly, I am glad to find something by the spirit and not by the flesh. I write to request authorization to be able to transmit the mp3's that are on your web page. I ask the Lord of glory to continue inspiring you with spiritual songs, so that Christians learn how to choose the music that makes them meditate in Christ and in the Scriptures.

Héctor León Cubillos (Chile).

The Word in cyberspace

It is with great satisfaction and happiness that I have had the opportunity to find this page by brothers in Christ. I congratulate you for putting the word of God into cyberspace. I have visited it a lot and I hope to be able to contact other brothers through you. I was born and raised in a Christian home. Although I don't formally belong to any church, every day I get up grateful for having known Christ from my childhood. I would like to travel to the south in the summer and to visit you.

Gioconda Jofré (Chile).


When arriving at my house last night there was a very nice surprise waiting for me: the new format of the blessed magazine Living Waters. It is very practical and novel. You don't know the gratitude that I have for receiving such edifying material, as much for me as for those that benefit with the knowledge that is contained within it. The section of questions and answers are very interesting, as well as the other contemporary articles.

Carlos Atilio Córdova (El Salvador).

New format

I have just received number 21 of Living Waters. I find the new format excellent, because it allows me to file it for repeated readings and is very practical for storing. I congratulate you for it, because the articles that appear are not to be forgotten, but always to be read, for their interest and pure doctrine. This new format, in particular, will help me preserve them among my other literature on my bookcase. May you always have new encouragement for your work, improving and advancing toward the Lord and toward the service of the brothers who continue on this pilgrimage, toward our heavenly home.

Joan Soler, Gethsemane Publication (Spain).

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