Living Waters Magazine Nr. 26
March - April 2004

The House of God

A House is a room, a habitation, a place of cover and rest, where wounds are healed and the soul is at peace. Nothing is more pleasing to the traveler than to arrive home. Nor does anything awake more nostalgias within man than his parents' house.

When the Lord was a boy in Nazareth he had a house. However, when he was a grown man, he didn't have anywhere to lay his head. Does he have one today, a house in which one can say "as a Son over his house"?

The Church is the house of God, the place where God inhabits, and where the Son has pre-eminence as the eldest Son. What is this House like? With what materials is it built? What is its current state? What is its future? Who has the privilege of dwelling in it?

Many questions arise just by mentioning this interesting topic. Many of these are difficult to answer. We hope in the Lord that, at least some of the many queries about the House of God are answered here.



The Greatness of the House
The church is the temple of God in the measure that it is an expression of Jesus Christ.
Rodrigo Abarca
The Restoration of the House
The great captivities of Israel and their respective returns are an allegory of the restoration of the church.
Eliseo Apablaza
Preparing the Materials
For the construction of the House, the appropriate materials are required.
Roberto Sáez
Service in the House of God
Service in the House of God is not exclusive to a few individuals, but of all the saints.
Rubén Chacón


Some Principles of the House of God
Solomon's temple in the Old Testament as a great type of the Church.
T. Austin-Sparks


Happily or Bitterly Married?
How to escape from the physical, emotional and spiritual dangers of bitterness in marriage.
Marcelo Díaz


Tasters from the King's Table
Letters from our Readers

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