Living Waters Magazine Nr. 30
November - December 2004

Two fronts

From what we can perceive, God is today working on two main fronts: in the bosom of the church and among the nations. In each of them, His work presents particular features.

At the inner part of the Church, we see that God is leading her on to greater maturity, to a greater devotion to Christ, to a greater indifference to the world, and thus hastening the coming of the Lord. To achieve this objective, the revelation and experience of the cross of Christ takes a very prominent place in each believer, as much in its objective sense as in its subjective. In a subjective sense, it is what is known as the way of the cross, a building block for the restoration, maturity and unity of the church.

On an external front, God is preparing the scene for the final world events foretold in the Scriptures: that is, the resurgence of the Roman Empire, and manifestation of the man of sin with all its terrible consequences.

It is appropriate for the saints who are living in these crucial times, to be attentive to God's working in these two environments, and to follow them with care and understanding, for their own spiritual gain, as well as for "being ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason concerning the hope that is in you, yet with meekness and fear". Knowing that the hope is this: that the more the world darkens, the closer the day of the coming of our Sun of Righteousness, the Lord Jesus Christ will be.

In this current edition of "Living Waters", we have tried, albeit partially to cover these two fronts. We ask the Lord to use it for His purpose and glory.



Christ, the Church and the Cross
If we want to be built into the church, we have to take the cross.
Stephen Kaung
The Table of Showbread
In the tabernacle was the table of the showbread. What message does it give us today?
Gino Iafrancesco
The Eternity of the Cross
The cross is part of God's own nature.
Roberto Sáez
The Breaking of the Soul
Saul and David represent two principles of service in the House of God.
Rubén Chacón
Fellowship by Means of the Cross
The cross which puts the "self" to death, is the basis of the fellowship of the church.
Rodrigo Abarca
God the Judge and the Father
God's working in these end times shows him, among other characteristics, in two different facets.
Eliseo Apablaza


The Altar (the Cross) Governs Everything
The Cross is not just a theory, not just a doctrine.
T. Austin-Sparks


The Smell of Rain
One of the most widely circulated inspirational stories on the Internet.


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