Letters from our Readers

Returning to the church

By the grace of God, the book "Returning to the Church" came into my hands. When reading it I discovered the truth about Jesus Christ's true church. It has been of great help in understanding the will of God for His church. Together with my brothers and sisters we have asked God for His direction to truly fulfill His will and to continue serving our Lord faithfully.

Enrique Solano Jasso (Mexico).

House of God

We want to thank you for magazine Living Waters concerning the House of God. It has been a great blessing for our lives. The messages are very deep and edifying. May God continue to reveal the things reserved for His children that have brought so much joy to our hearts. We value and encourage you to follow the supreme calling in Christ Jesus.

Jorge Schiantarelli (Peru).

Hand in hand

God bless you and continue giving you creativity and order when writing the magazine Living Waters. It is a blessing to have it; your articles help us in our spiritual growth. My daughter, the youngsters in my congregation and I read it. Sometimes weeks go by without getting it back, because it gets passed from one hand to another. We are praying for the ministry that our Saviour has given you.

María Ríos (Venezuela).

Spiritual wheat

My special and fraternal gratefulness for the kind and opportune shipment of the well named publication "Living Waters". The articles that come in each edition are of great importance for we who have believed in Christ Jesus. It is spiritual wheat that strengthens the faith in the holy and blessed Word of God. I ask that the peace and the blessing of God rest in your lives to continue the beautiful ministry of these printed pages with loyalty.

Maclovio Gómez (USA).

All blessings come from God; therefore, all the glory is for God.

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