Living Waters Magazine Nr. 34
July - August 2005

A Vision That Draws Us to Him

In this edition of the magazine we are giving the last five messages on "The Heavenly Vision" to our readers, which were given at the Rucacura conference (Chile) in January 2005. The topic of this conference was the same as that of the First International Conference in Santiago during September 2004. It was not an inadvertent or fortuitous coincidence, but was deliberate, since it was a question of reaffirming the heavenly vision in the life of the believer and of the church, seeking for more light from God on the matter.

Thus we might say the topic was not exhausted at the Conference in Santiago, and needed to be continued at the Rucacura conference. Of course, in the ten messages given at Rucacura, there was no pre-determined message order but rather there was a great deal of diversity, according to what the Holy Spirit put in the worker's hearts, according to the particular grace given to each.

We are firmly persuaded that without a heavenly vision, a Christian's development and service may be lost and cause much loss, both in the present and in the future. What will happen to us when we must present ourselves before the judgment seat of Christ, and we give our works over to be tested by fire? We suspect that many works which are often proclaimed to be "of God" in these days do not meet the spiritual standards required by God.

We are grateful to the Lord for granting this word to us, and for the privilege of being able to share it with our English-speaking brothers throughout the whole world, through this our Website

May He fulfill all His good purposes in his people, for his glory and praise.



The Vision That is Lost and Recovered
One's gaze must turn from the earth to heaven to see the Lord and to recover the vision.
Rodrigo Abarca
Concerning the Vision
Reflections about the nature and scopes of the heavenly vision.
Eliseo Apablaza
Our Report
The heavenly vision, when seen and becomes incarnate, transforms itself into our message.
Roberto Sáez
The Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Vision
The danger of neglecting the work of the Holy Spirit.
Rubén Chacón
Revelation by the Word
The place of the Holy Scriptures in the revelation of the heavenly vision and in God's purpose.
Alejandro Pacheco


The Issue of Spiritual Sight
To have spiritual vision affects all the areas of Christian life.
T. Austin-Sparks


Fullness and Complement
The place of the woman in marriage is a perfect combination of honor and subordination.
Living Waters


The Goings of God
Studies in the book of Exodus.
J. Alec Motyer
What Is His Name?
Harry Foster


Sowing Bibles in the Bank
Robert Thomas's heroic adventure to take the Scriptures to the Korean people.
Faith Cook


Tasters from the King's Table
Letters from our Readers

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