Living Waters Magazine Nr. 35
September - October 2005

A Vision That Transcends Boundaries

The central messages of this edition of Living Waters were recently shared by Chilean and Colombian workers in the Chinauta, Cundinamarca (Colombia), conference in the month of July of this year.

It was a first-time experience shared by servants of God from both nations, in the inexpressible joy of a common vision of Christ and the Church. It is an experience that is being repeated, with other workers, not only in South America, but throughout the entire world.

In this Conference some of the main topics of the vision and experience of the Christian were covered, such as the cross, the life of the church, service and Christian unity. Some of those messages, transcribed and summarized can now be offered here to our readers.

We thank all those that made this beautiful meeting possible, to those who recorded the messages, and to those who, later on, transcribed them and edited them for their publication.

We thank the Lord for granting us this word, and for the privilege of being able to share it with our brothers and sisters through this website.

May the Lord be glorified amid His Church, because He is worthy.



Behind the Lord
The disciple's place is to go behind the Lord; every time that he tries to overtake, he hinders the work of God, and he trips up.
Rodrigo Abarca
What Do We See?
Three basic aspects in the vision of Christ.
Gonzalo Sepúlveda
Saints for the Work of the Ministry
The work of the ministry and the edification of Christ's body are in the hands of all the saints.
Marcelo Díaz
The Way to Unity
Some principles on Christian unity.
Arcadio Sierra
The Woman As a Type of the Church
In his earthly ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ met with many women, and in each woman, he saw the Church.
Roberto Sáez


The Goings of God
Studies on the book of Exodus.
J. Alec Motyer
What Is His Name?
The Servant of the Lord.
Harry Foster


Miracles in Japan
What began as a merely professional activity became a true adventure of faith.
Rodrigo Hermosilla


Tasters from the King's Table
Letters from our Readers

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