Living Waters Magazine Nr. 36
November - December 2005

Placing the foundations

The stability of all buildings depends directly on the quality and solidity of its foundations. That’s why the Lord Jesus and the apostles place a lot of emphasis on the foundation of the Church.

The Lord Jesus, when concluding his Sermon on the Mount, said that the wise man built on the rock. Later on, he himself -the wisest Man- said to Peter that he would build his Church on the Rock - the revelation that the Father gave to Peter. Paul, the expert builder, wrote that there is just one foundation and that is Christ; and Peter, the blessed receiver of the Father's revelation, said in his first epistle: "Coming unto him, the living stone… you are built up."

Today, like yesterday, the Lord Jesus Christ continues building on this foundation: His Person and His Work. He -in his varied aspects and forms- is enough guarantee that what is built upon Him can remain - and in fact, it will remain.

In this edition, we have included some articles that show the great wealth that this topic has from diverse perspectives. We give thanks to the Lord for the contribution of ministers from diverse countries who add to this beautiful task of building the Church through the written word. Recently, in our International Conference, we had the pleasure of meeting and making intimate bonds with others. Thank God for allowing us to access the wealth that he himself has put in his Church.



The Foundations of the House of God
The author recognizes the existence of eight essential foundations, on which the house of God should be built. Romeu Bornelli
The Tripartite Salvation
The Word of God speaks about salvation in three stages and at three different times.
Gino Iafrancesco
The Crossing of the Jordan
The attitude of Israel before the Red Sea and the river Jordan show us two forms of walking before God.
Gonzalo Sepúlveda
The Heavenly Man
Paul's original vision about Christ and the Church was completed while he was in jail in Rome.
Eliseo Apablaza


What Is His Name?
Harry Foster


Sex From God's Point of View
A frank and scriptural teaching about the true meaning of sex.
Fred Malir


Tasters from the King's Table
Letters from our Readers

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