Letters from our Readers

Messages in audio

Receive our greeting, hoping that the Almighty God may pour out His grace on us and want to fill us with His knowledge. We have listened to some of your messages and we identify ourselves with them, and thus the Lord has confirmed to us the things that he has had to fully show us with regard to His church and to Christ's mystery revealed in us.

Pedro Nel Ospino.


I wanted to congratulate you for your wonderful praise songs. Of all of the music that I have found on the web, I have most enjoyed listening to yours, because it is evident that you sing from the heart to the Lord. The words and rhythms are really spiritual, something that is difficult to find today. I encourage you to continue with this work, until the day when the Lord comes for us.

Maximiliano Montenegro (Argentina).

Radio station

We give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity to communicate in spite of the distances. I want to mention that we are willing to promote material from your ministry on our radio station and we are only waiting for you to send it to us. It will be a real blessing to disperse it. Together in unity, God knows that we will conquer the nations for him.

Emanuel Fuertes (Argentina).


I recently discovered your page on the internet; and I must tell you that I find the different topics explored on it very edifying, just as in the magazine. Thanks to the Lord we are witnessing a powerful revival in our continent and in Chile. I am joyful to find a spring of Living Water from which to drink the eternal and immutable word of God.

Victor Osvaldo Garay (Argentina).

All blessings come from God; therefore, all the glory is for God.

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