Living Waters Magazine Nr. 42
November - December 2006

Restoring for God

For centuries throughout history –and for years in our own life– the focal point of religious activity has been the satisfaction of man. Salvation, joy, fullness and everything which could be put on man's list of “haves”. Without doubt this has it´s place, since God in His grace has worked towards man´s good.

However, the place that it has occupied has been out of proportion and hasn´t taken into account God´s side of things. For this reason, the development of God´s purpose at this time considers it right, in His wisdom, to put Jesus Christ the Lord at the centre of history and of the individual human life. This revolutionary idea brings with it a new way of looking at things; a new emphasis, which removes the old ways of thinking.

This may well be a time for defining the central point of Christianity and in the most intimate part of the hearts of the sons of God. What is, after all, the motive for our concern and activity? Do we have a religion centred in man or a faith that is centered in Christ? For what reason (or for whom) must the church be restored and glorious? To favour a group, a movement? For the praises of a group of men?

Will we work for ourselves or will we work for God? Will we do it man´s way or God´s way? Life is short and strength is in short supply. We can spend a good part of our life knowing what we should do and not doing it, through fear.

We admire the faithfulness and integrity of those who have gone before us in the life of faith, but we forget that they were despised and misunderstood. We can´t be faithful just by admiring their faithfulness, but by being faithful ourselves, even against the tide. We pray to the Lord that His grace would sustain us to really serve Him.



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