Living Waters Magazine Nr. 44
March - April 2007

The Signs of the Times

With this magazine we complete the series of three in which we've set forth the theme "The restoration of God's testimony" , a matter of great importance today.

Since Luther's day-and even a little before-God has been reacting against declension and spiritual slavery. Now, at the dawn of this twenty-first century, the restoration work is well advanced, and the light accumulated over the centuries allows us to look to the future with more hope.

Of course, in the world there is no hope. The condition of the world is getting worse all the time. But we have hope in God. And God will fulfill his purpose for His church, amidst all unbelief and skepticism.

Not everyone is aware of this great work of God at the present time. This is not new, because at all times God has acted behind the established order of things. God has surprised men with His peculiar way of working, for example, when the baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and then become known as a Galilean.

For God's ways discernment is required. The "signs of the times" cannot be known by those who merely know that there will be a storm because of the cloudy red sky (Mt. 16: 3). We need to have eyes anointed with the salve of God.

God is producing a paradigm shift, and there are few who are realizing it. Tied to their traditions and splendid history, many groups within Christianity are unable to warn of this act of God. But, thank God, there are exceptions. As Paul said: "Even at this time there is a remnant chosen by grace" (Rom. 11: 5).

We hope that the articles in this magazine will be helpful towards knowing a little more of what God's ways are, and what that new paradigm is that God has opened up in these last days.



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