Living Waters Magazine Nr. 45
May - June 2007

The preciousness of the House

The title of this magazine is taken from a message that brother Dana Congdon gave last October in Temuco. It is a very concise analysis of what constitutes the "house of God" and its contrast with "the big house" of which the Apostle Paul speaks in his 2nd letter to Timothy.

To this we have added a message that brother Christian Chen taught about David's legacy in Solomon's building of the temple. A teaching that puts into perspective the different generations that take part in the work of God.

Along with these, we have included three messages from the Third International Conference "Living Waters", whose theme was "The service of all the saints." This theme was taken up by the speakers and then amplified to include other topics such as the centrality of Christ and the testimony of God.

We hope that these readings bring some light and encouragement to those who are being dealt with by God at this present time, and stirred up to seek His will, in order to get down to work.



David and God’s House
What can you do when God pours a bucket of cold water over your dreams?
Christian Chen

The preciousness of the House
How the preciousness of Christ is imparted to the house of God.
Dana Congdon

Mount Zion
Zion is the testimony of God on earth.
Rodrigo Abarca

The price of service
To offer spiritual service it is necessary to take up the cross and follow the Lord.
Rubén Chacón

God’s beacons
A call to stay alert so as not to stray from our sincere faithfulness to Christ.
Gonzalo Sepúlveda


God's instrument in a day of declension
Some keys to restoration exemplified in the lives of Benjamin and Samuel.
T. Austin-Sparks


What is His name?
Prince of Peace.
Harry Foster


Tasters from the King's table
Our reader's letters

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