Living Waters Magazine Nr. 46
July - August 2007

The ministry of all the saints

In large, under-evangelized countries, like China and Russia, God is developing a new and surprising strategy: mobilizing the many members of the body of Christ that seem to have no defined role, and through them performing His work. In such places there are not enough conventional 'ministers', because of which God is using the 'littlest ones' to preach the gospel, to establish churches and even to build them up.

The theme of this issue of Living Waters is "the ministry of all the saints." The topic is not new, since it had its start centuries ago when they wanted to recover the universal priesthood. However, what was unanimously accepted in theory, was far from becoming a reality. For various reasons, there is still no effective "priesthood of all the saints", nor is there a real "ministry of all the saints."

But now we can see that God is taking the initiative to recover the biblical model (so it is not a 'new strategy'). Through a careful study of the book of Acts, we see that the first major expansion of the gospel in the Roman world was not due to the work of the Twelve, or other apostles, but due to the work of the whole church of Jerusalem which was dispersed because of Stephen's death, and the countless anonymous believers who were evangelized by them and who carried the seed beyond even the known world.

This model seems to be re-emerging before our eyes, despite our grid-iron structures and deplorable Christian tradition, which centers the work of the church around a few more gifted brothers. It will be necessary to put everyone into service, to reach the millions of people who still do not know the Lord, before our Lord appears in the clouds.

We pray to the Lord that this magazine will help many children of God to reshape their vision, and to join those already being put in place to serve..



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