Living Waters Magazine Nr. 48
November - December 2007

Two parallel workings

If we observe closely what is happening around us, we can see two workings that run in parallel. One is what is known as globalization, towards which the rulers of nations aim to lead the world. The goal is the unification of economies, languages, religions, morals and customs. Its main allies are philosophical relativism, science and technology, religious ecumenism, and orientalism. Its ultimate goal is to offer the throne of this world to the forces of evil that are already preparing themselves for it.

The other is the work of God. It also transcends borders, languages and cultures; its intent is to gather the people of God, not around philosophies and doctrines, but around one Person, Jesus Christ, who is the centre of all God's movement throughout history. Its instruments are not those of flesh and blood, but the Holy Spirit through the church. The allies are not the mighty ones of the earth, but men of humble heart and broken spirit. God's purpose through them is to offer the throne of the kingdom of the heavens to Jesus, the Christ of God.

In both contexts the work is in haste; time is ticking and specific events are being fulfilled; strength seems to be exhausted. There is no time to lose. All men, whether they like it or not, are collaborating with one or another cause.

At the end of it all, the paths will be separated from each other in such a way that we will realize that human history is painted only in two colors - white and black - and that the half-tones were just an invention of man.

May God have mercy on His loved ones and open their eyes.



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