Three Aspects of Christ's Cross
Stripped and Humbled
Love for the Word
Receive to Reign
For His Mercy Endures Forever
Truth in the Inward Parts
Christ, our Offering of Peace
Logos and Rhema
A Great Difference
Who Can Find a Man of Truth?
The Excuses for Not Going
The Testimony of a Disciple
The Testimony of God
Three Types of Obedience
The Function of Each Member
Perfecting the Saints
God's Good Will
Purifying the Temple
Those That Ask for Miracles
Severe with His Soul
Between the Nile and the Euphrates
The Fullness of Christ
Are You Saved?
God's Poem (1)
God's Poem (2)
The Law of the Spirit
Two Ways of Waiting
Witnesses (1)
Witnesses (2)
Members of One Another
Approved Before God
The Battle and the Race
John Was the Voice, Christ is the Word
Lot’s Tragedy
Moses as a Type of Christ
Three Representative Men
The Red Sea and the Jordan
Discovering Christ's Sufficiency
The Desire To Be the Greatest
The Heart of Elijah
Joy in the Weaknesses
Judges or Deliverers?
Grace and Truth (1)
Grace and Truth (2)
God's Clock
Cleansing Ourselves from the Spirit of Violence
The Name of True Riches
Bread and Water
Those that Miss Out on the Feast (1)
Those that Miss Out on the Feast (2)
The Experience of the New Birth
Beyond the Soul
Canaan as the Church Figure
Job's Justice
The Foolish and Tasteless Salt
Strain the Gnat
Do Not Ask Me for More
The Firm Foundation
Although it Delays a Little
A Strange Form of Sanctification
Taking Up Our Cross
The Promised Land
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (1)
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (2)
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (3)
Overcoming the Obstacles of Prayer (4)
The Man that Was Born Blind
Piety and Youth
Christ in Us
Who are the Children of God?
The Wise Virgins
Christ, Head of the church
How to Find Rest (1)
How to Find Rest (2)
God's Love
The Price that Has to Be Paid
Stephen, the Precursor
John, the Precursor
Workers in the Harvest
The Work of God
Two Revelations
The Samaritan Woman
The Paralytic of Bethesda
Christ, the Beginning and the End
Malchus' Ear
There Was No Voice for Him
Others, not Himself
The Hebrew Servant
I Believed and Spoke
Remember Jesus Christ
The Worth Blindness
Abraham and Paul (1)
Abraham and Paul (2)
Three Epistles about Faith
On His Own Authority
Faith Counted for Righteousness
The Gospel for Christians
The Gospel of Grace
Waiting on Grace
From Above
The New Regimen of the Spirit
Faith, Righteousness and Promise
Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness
Fountain and River
The Fish which You Have Now Caught

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NaKar Translation Ministries, Victor Navarrete

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