Love for the Word

Psalm 119 is totally focused on the word of God. Of all the verses that mention the Word, there are at least twelve that reflect the state of commotion of one who yearns for the word of God and the help that comes for it.

The soul faints for the Word in the midst of brokenness (20, 28, 81), the eyes also faint in tears and anticipate the vigils of the night to meditate God's commands (82, 123, 136, 148). There is an outcry for the Word, supplication for the presence of God (58,147), and affliction from which he is delivered (92:153). Even the body shudders out of fear of the Lord and fear of his judgments (120).

Such brokenness is unparalleled in the scriptures, except in a verse of the New Testament: Hebrews 5:7, referring to the Lord Jesus: "And Christ, in the days of his flesh, offering prayers and supplications with great cry and tears to him that could deliver him from death, was heard because of his reverent fear". In this verse we have a true synthesis of these twelve fervent longings from Psalm 119. Here are the pleas (153), the supplications (58, 20, 28, 81), the outcry, (147), the tears (82, 123, 148, 136), the prayer to be delivered from death (92, 153), the reverent fear (120), and finally the allusion to the flesh (120).

The cold nights out in the open, no doubt, heard him whisper in agony these inspired words. Who else could fulfill them but Jesus? The Psalmist was only suffering in advance pains and small agonies, compared to those of Him who suffered the unspeakable for us.

Only the Servant of God could suffer thus and desire so earnestly the provision of the word of God. He knew He was doing the greatest work ever done. That is why we see his whole being in an absolute surrender, in a constant agony, which he fought daily before God. This is literally being like wineskin in the smoke (83).

In this agony, his help, his food, and his daily livelihood, was the blessed word of God. Therefore, his words are filled with the Sacred Writings. That's why He could teach with authority. Lord, grant us grace to love the Word and soak in it for the blessing of us and many others!

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