Safe Over Deadly Waters

"And the flood was forty days on the earth; and the waters increased, and lifted up the ark, and it was lifted up above the earth. And the waters rose and increased greatly on the earth; and the ark floated on the surface of the waters" (Genesis 7:17-18).

During the flood, the level of water on earth gradually rose until human survival was impossible. Every soul died. It grew about seven meters above the highest mountain. But as the level of the waters grew more dangerous and deadly, the ark where Noah was also rose and moved over them. He floated above them.

Noah moved to the sway of the destructive waters; he was always over them; and even though he could not see them, because the ark was very closed, with no view to the outside, he knew that God was executing his judgment, but that he and his family were being delivered at the same time. He knew that God was walking him through deadly waters but he was completely safe.

In the same way, no matter how high his anguish is, how high the stormy waters may be in his life, because in the ark of God... you will always be above them!

I cannot say if Noah was afraid or not during those forty days, because the Bible does not say so, but knowing a little about human nature, and knowing that fear is part of it (even if it is as an instinctive way to preserve the species), I would dare to assure that some fear must have been in his heart; but I am also sure of his great confidence in God.

So it is normal that you can also feel some fear or worry when being affected by tribulations and difficulties, but all that must disappear when you remember that your life, inside the ark of God, will "float on the surface of all your problems".

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