Who Can Find a Man of Truth?

"Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, but who can find a trustworthy man?" (Prov. 20:6).

"A man of truth" is really he who has been reached by the truth, or, who has been undone by the truth. The truth came and it exposed his lies, his fallacies and unreality, his disproportionate self-esteem.

It could be supposed that the truth wasn't a convenient thing for such a man, since it came to crumble his existence, to transform everything. However, he clings to the truth that breaks him (like Jacob in the valley of Jabbok), because he perceives in it the way out from his hidden misery. Other people don't know that behind his smile there is a cry, that heavy bitterness is hidden behind a happy exterior.

Now the truth has displaced the lie. Therefore, this man really can be called a man of truth. He is not the man that glories in himself for his supposed abilities, nor the one who, full of self-righteousness and refined education, looks down on the less gifted. "Surely every man is merely a breath" (Psalms 39:5). "There is not even one who is righteous" (Psalms 14:1-3).

The man that proclaims his kindness, the only thing that he looks for is to be praised by men. He is concerned about his reputation –he cannot live without it– and to such an actor, applause is as necessary as eating or breathing. "It is necessary to invent something, to lie if it is necessary, but the reputation has to be maintained in whatever way". It is no wonder that he ends up worn out by such constant striving.

The man of truth on the other hand, hurries to recognize his errors, to repair the damaged caused; he humbles himself with sincerity even though it puts at risk his reputation. The truth has made him valiant, he cannot bear falsity. He has had an encounter with the truth, and he knows that before God there is no hidden thought! He is concerned with the approval of his God although it means a permanent conflict with men. The smile of heaven is his only comfort.

A man of truth. The lies have been left behind, as the darkness gives way to the new dawn. The Sun of Righteousness now shines for him. What a rest it is not to have to please people! What a rest it is to be authentic, real! For that reason the Wiseman says: "buy the truth and don't sell it"! (Proverbs 23:23).

Christ is the Truth. His presence showed up the unreality, deceit and double-dealing of those who presumed themselves to be true. Christ undressed the man that praised himself in prayer. Christ brought light to the heart of those that saw the straw in other people's eyes without seeing the beam in their own.

Christ in us is the truth incarnate. In us a glorious exchange took place – our lie for His truth. Who is, then, a man of truth? It is he who has really found Christ, the Truth.

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