Beyond the Soul

Today's society, without a doubt, is an ill society. The effects of its illness are disseminated in every organism and social strata of our world. The main target of the illness is in the family-precisely the stronghold created by God to ensure the welfare of the humans. The family is in a crisis. Marriages are dissolving. The children are drifting. They have no role models to imitate; therefore, they launch themselves in a frantic search of passing sensations. They have lost the sense of life and the respect for themselves.

The streets are full of lonely people that walk with a lost gaze and do not believe in anything or anyone. The foundation of their emotional and spiritual life has been mined. Oh how many lonely people! They are everywhere -in the boisterous streets, in the theme parks; yet, they walk in search of something they have lost, not knowing what it is.

There are individuals near us that do not want to go on living and are waiting to gather a bit of courage to make the worst decision. There are people full of sadness and bitterness. They do not find the answer for themselves or for those in their care. Apparently they are successful; in their jobs they are efficient but their lives, their marriages, and families are destroyed.

Man has alienated himself from God. He thinks God is far away, that He does not worry about him, and that he should escape from him like from a hated enemy. And the more he alienates himself from God, the more he alienates himself from his own self and from the solution for his own calamity. The greatness of his successes, the commodity of life, and the small and grand luxuries, have blinded his eyes, and he no longer is able to see.

Days seem to be endless, one after the other, from work to the house, and from the house to work, waiting for the weekend to bring pleasure, but the pleasure turns into distaste. The soul of man is and does not find peace in that which it seeks. It always says "I want some more" and in the search it despairs.

In man, there is a deeper sphere than the soul, where the soul itself can find peace. The soul turns, erroneously towards the outside; yet, the true fountain of peace is deeper. It is not in things or in the sensual pleasures, but in the Spirit, when God had come to dwell in him.

Yes, there is a more intimate place that man does not know. The common man thinks he is a dual being with a body and soul. He thinks that the soul can be fulfilled with those things that he commonly does. This is a fatal lack of knowledge because deeper than the soul, there is a secret place where man can find peace. This place is made so that God may dwell there and from there He may guide man’s life through the path of life and lead him to find the purpose of life.

The human crisis will not be solved through the outside; it can only be effective if it goes deeper. There, where God dwells when we receive him in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

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