Do Not Ask Me for More

There is no greater dishonor than for a son of God, who has such a great inheritance with rich abundant resources, to behave like a petty wretch and close his heart and abundant wealth to others. It is like having a big water stocking in times of drought and not wanting to share it or like having the barns full in times of hunger and keeping it all to himself.

Perhaps the most ungodly form of this conduct is manifested in the following words: "I am saved. I settle for salvation. Do not ask me to do more."

When the fool says in his heart, "There is no God," he speaks from his ignorance, and that is why his sin is less. However, when a believer says that he does not want to be disturbed about his service to the Lord, he says it consciously because he knows that there is God. He knows that he was placed into a race, and that there are works prepared in advance for him to walk in. Then, in saying, "Do not ask me for more," he becomes worthy, no doubt, of the weeping and gnashing of teeth that the Lord speaks of repeatedly. Such a servant is worthy to be cast into the outer darkness.

If we were to watch a man starve to death at the foot of our door, having the barns full, our pettiness is certainly greater than that of our neighbor, who seeks to give him a decomposed bread from his unbelief and his philanthropy. In reality, refusing to serve is an excuse to follow our own path, and it is an alibi to reject the cross and please the soul.

His pay, however, will be regrettable not only as far as the distant future is concerned (although it is not so distant), but also as far as this life is concerned. Sowing for his flesh will bring a harvest of death; his divided heart will make him extremely uncomfortable and prevent him from enjoying the things of this life, as he would like. He will have no peace with God, nor peace with his soul. It will be later, and now — a miserable being. May God have mercy on us and free us from such a great fall!

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