How To Find Rest (1)

When we read chapters 3 and 4 of Hebrews, we see that there is a close relationship between Christ, the church, and rest. In Chapter 3 verse 6, it says that we, the believers, are the house of God. Later in verse 14, it tells us that we have been partakers of Christ. If we join both verses, we see that by partaking of Christ, we are the church. As a result, in chapter 3, we have the reality of containing Christ and the reality of being the church.

But then, the Spirit makes several warnings through two subjunctives. One in relation to the house and the other in relation to Christ. We are the Church, if indeed we “hold fast our confidence” and partake of Christ, if we “hold our original confidence firm to the end.” Both warnings lead us to the necessity of keeping confidence (or boldness, or security), and that which we have received (“confidence” y “hold” appear in both verses).

We must remain in the realm of faith regarding these things. Israel sinned in the desert; they did not believe because of their hardened heart. And because they didn’t believe, God was angry with them and did not allow them to enter into his rest. In the same manner, we can enter in his rest that is if we retain the things we have received: the reality of belonging to Christ and the reality of being the church.

To enter into his rest means to rest in God’s work in our favor. God has done something in Christ for us. God presents Christ and we must therefore contemplate and delight in him. Secondly, Christ had built us as the church (He said: “I will build my church”). Consequently, we need to contemplate the wonderful work in us.

We find rest when we see that God has made us partakers of Christ and that Christ builds us up to become his dwelling place. Not only must we see the first reality but the second one as well. Nothing speaks to us of rest like a house. In our house, our heart truly rest.

It is the same with our soul; it only finds peace and rest when we find the house of God. Not every congregation of believers is the house of God. How do we know this? Hebrews gives us an example in Moses who was faithful in all God’s house (3:2). He kept himself from giving his own ideas and simply followed God’s instructions to raise the tabernacle. No every congregation is the house of God because not all follow God’s instructions. When we find the house, according to God, then we find rest. Rest is the best indication that we have found the Lord and his house.

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