Delivered Personally

"With his feathers he will cover you, and under his wings you will be safe" (Ps. 91: 4).

I remember from my childhood, in that rural area, the patio of the house with its colorful and noisy chickens raising their chicks. After laying their eggs, these dedicated mothers lay on their nests for three long weeks. During that time, they barely got up to eat frugally. They then lost a lot of weight, and after three weeks of incubation, they were reduced to a little skin, bones and feathers.

When they were born, the chicks went out with their mother for their first walk before the marvelous sight of the members of our family. The puny mothers, sensing some possible danger to their young, raised all their feathers, showing a greater appearance and weight than they really possessed, and were capable of facing threats greater in size and strength if someone tried to touch one of their chicks.

These weak mothers did not look elsewhere for help, but were enough on their own for the defense and protection of their children. And how!

Today I reflect and ask myself: If an animal as simple, as lacking in intelligence and as weak as a chicken is capable of defending its offspring by force of feathers and pecks, how much more can God not do for us by acting with all his power?

I encourage you to think about this reality. In the midst of dangers and difficulties, God delivers us personally. Surrounded by adversaries, dangers, and difficulties, the Lord delivers us personally. It may be that he uses other means, he can use any resource to come to our aid, but he will never stop being with us.

Despite our weakness, lack of courage, fears and frailty, despite our smallness and the fierceness of our enemies, God personally will always deliver us from evil.

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