The Lord Protects Our Family

"Evil shall not befall you, nor shall plague touch your dwelling" (Ps. 91:10).

In 1999 a gigantic landslide almost completely destroyed a once paradisiacal and densely populated state of Venezuela. Houses, cars, people and towns completely disappeared.

One scene from that tragedy is still very much alive for me: Caught in the middle of a roaring current of mud and death, was a girl of about ten years of age. Through television we saw how a man, risking her own life, decided to descend to where she was, about to die, to rescue her.

That fragile little body seemed to be, in the depths of my soul, one of my two daughters. As the man approached her, the whole country suffered watching the scene. But no one could do anything; only that man We would have done anything to help; but at that precise moment, we couldn't do anything. Just pray and trust in the hands of that man. How we wish we had been there!

Reading the words "No harm will come to you, no plague will touch your dwelling," my eyes fill with tears as I thank God for His encouraging promise that He will care for the people I love, those for whom I care. and care, when I myself can not do it.

Many times we want to protect or help a member of our family but it is impossible for us; then we must remember the promise of protection that the Lord has made over our house. Remember: when he can't protect his own, stronger hands will always do it for you. Your house will never be abandoned; that Faithful Watchman who died on the cross will take care of it at all times for you.

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