The Fish Which You Have Now Caught

That morning, the disciples had more than enough reasons to feel bad. They were tremendously discouraged; they had been out all night fishing but had caught nothing. Perhaps the worst thing was that, after walking with the Lord for three-and-a-half years, they had returned to their old jobs.

That is why, when that Man appears on the beach and asks them if they have something to eat, they are forced to recognize that they did not have anything.

This also happens to us. How many times are the fruits of our efforts in vain or incapable of satisfying the Lord? How many of our acts are mere activities without any consistency? Nevertheless, the Lord does not blame his disciples but offers them an immediate solution. If they throw their net to the right of the boat, they will find a catch.

The disciples only had to obey and the net was filled with fish. They had never caught so many fish at one time. They were astonished. Then, they recognize the Lord and go to him, delighted.

The Lord says to them: "Bring some of the fish which you have now caught". This sounds very awkward: "…which you have now caught". In his kindness, he gives them credit for the fishes caught by telling them: "…which you have now caught". But in fact, the only thing they did during that long night, without him, was to fail. If they now had fishes, it was because He had given them the fishes. The merit was not theirs, but His. They must have known it. So could they now glory in themselves?

All who truly serve the Lord know that He is the author of all fruition and success. For that reason, when the final day arrives, when the rewards are given to each servant, they will place their crowns at His feet. They will not attribute anything to themselves, even if, in his kindness, He attributes the merit to them.

What servant has been better treated by his master than us? What servant entirely receives his master’s resources so that they may soon be known to be his? No, Lord, do not say that we have caught the fish; we haven’t even caught the smallest fish! They are all yours, absolutely yours!

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